How to Conquer Facebook Groups & Attract your Ideal Client

Do you want to connect with other women who have similar interest and goals as you? In this course, we will teach you the steps to make this happen. Meeting new people online can be scary and feel awkward for so many, you are not alone, we hear this same frustration from many entrepreneurs. Join Kellie & Blair inside as they "break it down" for you to learn this skill set. When you apply these techniques inside Facebook Groups, your sales will soar!

  • Not sure what Facebook group to join? This course will break down the different types of Facebook groups and guide you how to select the ones that fit you best.

  • What groups is your Ideal Client hanging out? Inside the course you will learn a step-by-step connection technique that will work quickly.

  • Learn how often you should post, what you should post about, and a daily method of operation to continue do each week to continue to attract and grow your connections within the Facebook Community.

How to find your Tribe in Facebook Groups